Finding Ground for Healthy Relationships

Finding Ground for Healthy Relationships

As I spend more and more time with plants, I am convinced they hold the secrets of healthy relationships.

Plants demonstrate communication, reciprocity, and resiliency. Plants talk to each other through their root systems. They warn each other of impending danger. They even communicate their boundaries most beautifully demonstrated through the phenomenon of ‘crown shyness’. For a plant, to be uprooted is to be violently removed from their community, isolated from nourishment.

As people, we can relate. Throughout of lives, we have all experienced various degrees of feeling uprooted. Our systems can be most obviously shocked through traumatic experiences such as sexual violence, relationship fractures, and adverse childhood experiences. But trauma doesn’t always look like drama. Sometimes the most poisonous seeds are sown in silence. Implicit and explicit messages of rejection can be received with and without malicious intent throughout our lives. Regardless the vehicle, the outcomes is the same: Without intervention, these moments can facilitate a deep sense of self-doubt and unworthiness.

Can an uprooted plant thrive?

Yes, but not without intervention. It takes care, patience and intentional focused work for uprooted plants to find ground again. To find ground is to heal, rebuild trust in our environment, and increase resiliency to the elements.


Finding Ground is designed for people who have felt ‘uprooted’. Finding Ground is modeled after the 4 characteristics of fertile soil to encourage an environment inside ourselves to find ground again.

Opening Promotion

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As a thank you to the Penticton community for their warm welcome, participants registered in Finding Ground have an opportunity to access up-to eight one-on-one sessions for $60/session (55% off regular price).

What to Expect

Finding Ground is an eight week workshop offered at Hive Counselling using psycho-therapeutic tools and expressive arts to offer participants insights into the value of their past experiences for greater healing and connection.

In 8 facilitated sessions, participants will be guided through arts-based activities, group activities, and group discussions to explore developmental experiences, discover value/energy loss, and retain learning/unlearning.

Sessions are held every Wednesday from 6pm-8pm beginning June 20 until August 8 at Hive Counselling located at 301 Main Street, Penticton, BC. Groups are minimum 4 participants, maximum 6.

Who would Benefit

The group is designed for adults (18+) who are interested in processing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), trauma and relationship fractures. The group is ideal for people healing from co-dependency.

How to Register

To express an interest, get in touch here. You will be contacted with further details and registration information. The promotional offer is only available until the group is filled.