I can’t thank you enough for helping me to maintain my mental and spiritual health. You have open my eyes to ways to live a more optimistic life and use my values to limit negativity and doubt from entering my mind. 
— Erica J. Riley

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I relocated to Vancouver,  BC for a temporary assignment with my career.  This was my first time out of the country, as I'm originally from Houston, TX. I knew that I needed guidance and structure in my life due to all the external changes. I sought help from Poe for my sustainability as well as help with my anxiety and depression.  She was able to assess my issues and come up with a plan of action that got me through this trying time. 

I am still using these techniques to this day! I can't thank you enough for helping me to maintain my mental and spiritual health. You have open my eyes to ways to live a more optimistic life and use my values to limit negativity and doubt from entering my mind. 

I successfully finished my assignment in Vancouver without any mental breakdowns or serious hospitalization due to depression. 

— Erica J. Riley


I met Poe in 2015 and we worked together for 3 years. In that time I became much more confident in who I was and I learned how to make the steps to continue to learn about myself.

— mTF, 21, toronto

I can’t say enough good things about Poe and Hive Counselling. Poe is so kind, warm, and welcoming – I can talk to her about absolutely anything without feeling judged or dismissed. The incorporation of crafts and play reminds me to not take myself too seriously. I’ve made great personal strides since I started visiting her and only see more positive things coming my way.

If you are considering counselling, I highly recommend you take advantage of her amazing free consult offer and experience for yourself how this awesome circus freak will unlock your insecurities and help you work towards a brighter future.

10/10 I completely, totally, and with my entire heart recommend Hive Counselling!

— Julie turner via google reviews


We recently partnered with Poe from Hive Counselling and Consultancy to run a session with our young adults leadership team focused on team building, emotional resilience, consent and exploring personal limitations. The four hour session was based around play and taking what was learnt back to these four pillars. Myself and the young adults really enjoyed the session and Poe's approach, explaining through what we were learning through play. We have already organised for Hive Counselling and Consultancy to come back again to deliver more sessions and programs throughout the year. Highly recommend!

- Charmaine pearce, manager, program and community experiences, naramata centre via google reviews

My time with Poe at Hive Counselling & Consultancy was such a wonderful, unique journey. Even from the get-go I had a positive experience, as I was so relieved when she promptly replied to my initial email requesting a consultation and scheduled me in that week. The Hive space is a comfortable, welcoming environment which I am really appreciative of.

Her approach to counselling was an entirely new experience for me. The incorporation of creative expression was perfectly tailored towards my hands-on way of life and how I process and absorb information. I was challenged through many thought-provoking sessions which left me feeling prepared for the days in-between with new ideas and tools to apply to every day life. I don't think I've had so many "aha!" or "ohh, whoa, I never thought of it that way" moments!

She guided me through cultivating a new understanding of myself of which I am so thankful for and I can whole-heartedly say, I will never forget!

-Taylor jones via google reviews


I attended a Permission to Play workshop, where we used art and open conversation to facilitate the creation of affirmations for ourselves. The workshop helped me re-evaluate what my goals were and allowed me to clearly see the path I am taking towards them as well as the blocks that are potentially in my way. The creative process was fun, and the space truly felt safe to share (or not share) as much as I was comfortable with, and the group provided great feedback. Poe was fantastic as a facilitator, and I look forward to more of their workshops!

-erin lowe via google reviews